In the previous post, we sniffed the on/off codes for RF controlled outlets. For this post, we’ll program an Arduino to transmit the codes and have that controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Hardware Because some precise timing is needed for the transmitter, an Arduino will be used to control the RF transmitter itself. The MagPi […]

Introduction I put some lights on timers whenever we travel. A few lights in the house are on permanent timers (I had bought Aube TI035/U timer switches for the outdoor lights – they work nicely), but most of the indoor lights only need to be on timers when we’re away. You can buy fancy digital […]

Introduction If you are using the Raspberry Pi to monitor or control something in your house while you are not home, it may be important for you to login to your Pi from the internet (e.g. on the road). To do this you need a port on your Pi that is exposed to the outside […]

If the Pi is going to be running unattended for a period of time, it’s important to have it automatically “fix” itself if something goes wrong. The chip that runs the Pi has a “watchdog” that can reboot the Pi if it determines that the computer has hung (or if other conditions are met). There […]